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J&B Container Company has been delivering innovative recycling solutions, size reduction equipment and parts replacement for Sweed, Vecoplan and Ace machinery since 1985.

PPE Protective Equipment for Industry

As we begin the slow road to recovery from Covid-19, wearing masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) is now more important than ever.

Whether you’re creating new protocols for your staff to utilize hand sanitizers on the job, or offering protective apparel in your manufacturing areas, now is the time to get serious about making all of this readily available to maintain high levels of safety for your teams!

J&B Container offers a wide variety of PPE products and solutions to fit your needs and budget. Learn more by clicking here or contact us today.


PPE apparel

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Get to Know Us

Since 1985, we have specialized in size reduction equipment, parts replacement and machine service solutions for many types of industrial requirements. J&B Container Company specializes in size reduction and recycling equipment for processing steel banding, wood, plastic, linear items and other bulk metals. Our customers particularly value our total solution systems and variety of brands that we offer for purchase and for parts replacement. Our Loyalty Program provides significant discounts for parts replacement and other accruable services.

A New Beginning

Start a trend ….. recycle as much as possible.

Why should customers practice point of generation (POG) recycling?

Whether a company is producing scrap banding, fabrication scrap or wire and cable scrap, processing it at the point it’s generated with Sweed Scrap Choppers will help eliminate problems associated with the hazardous materials.


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