Sweed Model 450 DDX


The Model 450 DDX banding chopper boasts robust power alongside a dual drive feedworks. Driving both feed rolls on the chopper allows the unit to process scrap quickly and efficiently, making it suitable for chopping large amounts of tangled plastic strapping, higher volumes of ¾” steel metal banding with clips, light weight wire and other various manufacturing materials. It is also very versatile, making it an excellent chopper for in-line placement to process slitter line trim.

The Model 450 DDX chopper features a 1 HP motor and feeds at approximately 120 FPM. The one stationary and one rotating knife, provide a cut length of about 3 inches. The wide infeed on this chopper makes feeding an effortless task for the operator. This unit sits on a sturdy Sweed stand that moves from area to area on stout caster wheels. Both the stand and hopper are sold separately.

450ddxMaterial Reference

The following are materials that are commonly processed through the Model 450 DDX Banding Chopper. Contact a Sweed Representative to determine if the Model 450 DDX Banding Chopper will fit your application.

  • 3/8” x .078” steel band
  • 1/2” x .0625” steel band
  • 3/4” x .046” steel band
  • 5/16” x .031” steel band
  • 1” x .031” steel band
  • All sizes of plastic/PET strap

Performance Data

  • Electric Motor Power: 1 HP
  • Infeed Speed: 120 fpm
  • Cut Length: 3″

Dimensional Data

  • Infeed Opening: 3 1/2″ x 1″
  • Overall: 36” x 26” x 13”
  • Weight: 350 lbs

Sweed 450DDX Metal Band Chopper – Demo Video

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