Ace 3 Cubic Yard Compactor

Professionally designed for: Industrial, Commercial, Municipal, Recycling Applications.

Features and Benefits

  • The power unit mounted on either side for safe and easy maintenance
  • Key operated controls means only authorized personnel can operate the compactor.
  • A full 15″ of ram penetration for better compaction.
  • The breaker bar is mounted above the compactor, therefore, there is less packing resistance and create better compaction force.
  • The shorter length allows it to be user friendly and outperform in chute installations or room constraint installations.
  • The compactors are built in a fixture to assure consistent and accurate construction every time.
  • The ram bottom is 1/2″ abrasion resistant steel to help assure long life of the equipment.
  • The ram face is 1/2″ plate backed with structural channels.
  • The floor is built for heavy demands: 1/2″ plate backed with heavy 4″ structural channels.

Optional Equipment

  • Cart dumper systems
  • Multiple cycles
  • Full and advance warning lights
  • Remote controls
  • Oil heaters
  • Custom chutes
  • Custom enclosures
  • Many more available


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