Cut-to-Length Model CL500 for Steel Banding

Sweed’s cut-to-length Model CL500 Cut-to-Length is designed to increase band cutting efficiency and worker safety. By automating the band cutting process, workers receive accurately cut pieces of banding, and material cost is reduced by eliminating waste. The CL500 also allows companies to eliminate repetitive cutting operations and reduce the possibility of lacerations and serious repetitive task injuries.

The CL500 features a user-friendly programmable logic controller (PLC); simply enter the length of the cut (in English units) and the quantity of straps desired into the keypad. The dispenser does the rest.

Sweed’s cut to length Model CL500 Cut-to-Length is simple to maintain and designed for years of industrial use.

Material Reference

These materials can be processed through the CL500:

  • All sizes of Steel Banding up to 1 1/4” x .044”

 Performance Data

  • Electric Motor Power: 1/6 HP
  • Outfeed Speed: 41 FPM
  • Cut Length: User Programable
  • Minimum Cut Length: 6”
  • Maximum Cut Length: 1000”
  • Minimum Batch Setting: 1
  • Maximum Batch Setting: 1000


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